We Offer Several Additional Services To Make Completing Your Steel Project Even Easier.

For jobs requiring Black/GAL sheets up to 3mm thickness to be bent for flashing, our new Idira Hydraulic Pressbrake will perform the work.

To ensure our structural steel products including steel channels are clean of impurities that may cause rust, they are passed through the recently installed Agtos Shot Blasting Machine via roller conveyor system to minimise worker handling of the materials. Products cleaned by the Agtos blasting machine will then be sent either to the fabrication area for further welding work or to the Paint spray booth. For large fabricated items, they will be sent to the larger blasting 2 story bay for abrasive grit blasting.
We have a number of steel cutting machines located at both of our branch sites that will cut a variety of steel products (including steel/GAL pipe, steel channels, rods, RHS). These machines range from the Behringer SLB 230 that are used for cutting materials with thicknesses up to 100mm for small cutting jobs to the latest state of the art Peddinghaus Meba 600 & 1100 DG Steel cutters which not only handle thicknesses 335mm and larger but also various cutting angles for large complex fabrication projects. For metal sheets of up to 3mm thickness that need to be cut to lengths of 2.5 metres, our new Idira Hydraulic Guillotine Sheers will do the job. For metal plates greater than 6mm thickness can be ordered and cut to the required dimensions using our QickCut Oxy cutter. To cut 120 x 120 x 10 sized angles to various lengths as required, we utilise the Peddimaster 800/1100. For those jobs that require 6 – 24mm hole punching into metal flat bar, the Peddimaster reliably performs the work.
We have a wide range of trucks with carrying capacity up to 8 tonnes to deliver our steel products where you need them. A number of our trucks have hydraulic cranes attached that enable us to unload heavy/large steel products safely onsite.
For large projects requiring repetitive drilling of beams/channels, the state of the art Peddinghaus PCD 1100/3C is used in conjunction with Raptor software for efficient production. These drills can machine in all 3 axis.
To complete the metal work prior to painting, grinding is done to ensure a clean smooth finish.
As well as providing the above fabrication services at our two branches, we also provide onsite fabrication and installation of our steel products for both commercial and residential projects. At each branch we have a specialised welding truck that enables us to provide onsite welding for those projects requiring it. For heavy steel materials that need to be placed into position (or hard to get places) onsite, we will organise crane hire to complete the job. As part of our commitment to work place safety, we ensure that all onsite work is properly assessed for possible safety issues before work is performed. Our “Safety Work Method Statement – Structural Steel” (SWMS) is completed for each onsite job we perform.
In order to service the high demand in the ACT region for REO Bar/stirrups, we utilize the MEP Minisyntax production machine. This enables us to manufacture Reinforcing Bar as required to satisfy local demand from big construction companies.
Before structural steel components are finally sent out to the customers, they are painted with an Inorganic Zinc Primer in our purpose built fully enclosed painting bay. General purpose steel components can also be painted to the our customers requirements.
We have a number of qualified and experienced welders that can perform welding operations with the use of various Arc Welding machines for small to large, simple to complex projects within our factory setup or on site as required.