Footing Slabs

Footing and Slabs: Secure Your Construction With A Quality Steel Foundation.

Everything you need to create a solid foundation, choose from our supplies of slab and trench mesh and a wide range of accessories for slabs including spacers, chairs, plastic underlay and expansion joints.

Lysaght Bondek®: From Bluescope

We also supply quality LYSAGHT BONDEK® products. A highly efficient, versatile and robust formwork, reinforcement and ceiling system for concrete slabs, it’s a profile steel sheeting widely accepted by the building and construction industry to offer efficiency and speed of construction.

Waffle Pods Slab System

The Waffle Pod Footing system is an innovative method of constructing concrete slabs, providing enormous strength and durability and significantly reducing building costs. Creating ‘on-ground’ rather than ‘in-ground’ slabs, the system removes the need for extensive (and costly) excavation. Environmentally friendly, waffle pod slabs are constructed using polystyrene void formers arranged in a grid pattern with reinforcing placed between and above.

Concrete fills the spaces to form a slab over the entire area. The spaces between the void formers effectively become concrete beams on ribs resulting in a slab of immense strength. Visit us today for more information on waffle pod slabs.